From the first reviews of Strategic Failure:

“Moyar’s effort is distinguished by his measured tone, analytic sobriety and scholarly approach. The author, who has taught at the Marine Corps University and the Joint Special Operations University, is one of our ablest strategic thinkers, and he has a gift for letting the facts speak for themselves—or rather, drop like hammer blows.” (Wall Street Journal, July 20, 2015)


“Among the [Republican] candidates, there are more than a few intelligent hawks who believe in American power and exceptionalism—no doubt. But… it remains to be seen whether they have the policy and strategy ideas, passion, and argumentative skill to commit America to a ‘surge’ of sorts on the geo political landscape. Moyar has a blueprint for them, if they want it.” (National Review, September 7, 2015)


“an excellent work… rich in detail and brimming with historical insight.” (Washington Free Beacon, July 25, 2015)



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